List of changes

Version 1.0Change description
2018.09• Getting General Ledger transaction details;
• Added two new absence types which can be created – type 9 and 10;
2019.03• Added two elements for adding salaries - Cost Center and Project.
• API is only available for Merit Palk PRO package users.
2019.12• Added five new optional elements for creating absences: EndDate, AvgType, CustomSum, IncapStartDay and IncapPercent
• Whereas for creating absences all given fields were previously mandatory, now only with asterisk symbol (*) are mandatory and other are optional or ignored if the terms need.
2020.06• Getting Employee’s list
2020.10• Creating or Editing Dimensions
2020.12• Creating Base Salary Agreements
2021.03• Adding Employee Contacts
2021.07• Getting Base Salary Agreements transactions